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New online shop rock the road

8. januar 2012

Let’s rock the road together

Our online shop is now officially open and we are excited to welcome you into this shop, which is not just for decoration:

It's shopwith content.Read aboutyourFateNumberandpimpyour car withaNumerodot. Read about the traditions and garnish with Hurradots to the party. Read about polkadots. Learn about your zodiac sign and find your StarDot. Read about the signals and put a real awardwinning tattoo vinyl on your car. Or your wall...
Whether youare herefor fun oras an independenton the lookout fornewcompanysignalworthy of yourcar, you can shop safely and securely, and you're alwayswelcome to contactus.
All ordersare handledthe same day, delivery time depends onpostalandnature of the product.
Happyshopping.And letthe messagepass on, spread the words, girls...

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