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Even if you don’t live in Denmark, we would really like to do business with you. We’ll send you items to Greenland, Faroe Islands, Sweden, Norway, Germany etc. We’ll charge You 70 kr. for items shipped to countries in Europe. Costumers in overseas countries we’ll charge 110 kr. for handling and postage.

How to do

While the shop is under construction, waiting for the last details: Deposit the amount in our account:

SWIFT: JYBADKKKK Iban: DK8250330001430137

Remember the amount for postage and handling. Type the name of the product for instance "Royal Tattoo Panther Large Pair". Remember to write your name and address and country. And on top of that, please: Send an email to with your order.

Looking forward to do business with you...

BS Lilli Henriksen, dotdirector

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